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About the company

Scientific production enterprise ODO "Beltechnolit" was founded in 1991 on the basis of "Metallurgy of Cast Alloys" department of Belorussian National Technical University. The staff was made up of foundry and machine work specialists which determined the enterprise guidelines for action. At present the object of the enterprise is development and efficient introduction of science intensive technological processes and effective quality preparations for liquid cast iron and nonferrous metal alloys treatment. ODO "Beltechnolit" together with collaborators of research innovation "Progressive technological processes of melting and high-strength cast iron" laboratory BNTU carries on active researches which allows to create new types of production and to constantly improve those already created.

We propose you new high-performance simple-in-use complex materials for producing quality castings on the basis of ferrous and nonferrous alloys. The proposed decisions are economical and resource-saving alternative to classical technologies in foundry.

The developed materials allow:
- About ten times reduce waste due to non-metallic inclusions, clogging and blowholes;
- Ensure powerful graphitizing, perlitising or ferritising effect, cast iron structure equalization;
- Reduce specific quantity of metal of gates and risers (up to 40%), eliminate castings waste due to shrink of metal, considerably reduce power inputs;
- Efficiently reduce content of oxides and hydrogen in liquid aluminium alloys, modify nonferrous melts in a quality way.

Our enterprise offer free of charge materials test work in your manufacturing environment on most problem or improvement demanding castings.

ODO "Beltechnolit" is looking for regional representatives in CIS, Europe, Asia, etc., welcomes other forms of collaboration in the scope of foundry production distribution

We invite you to have long term effective mutually advantageous cooperation in metallurgical business.

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